How to Subscribe to beIN using CASHU

Sport is one of the most popular competitive activities that garnered a huge following around the world, to the point that it has become an essential part of people’s culture around the world.
With the development of technology, subscribing to sports channels has become a necessity for many viewers. And among one of the best broadcasters is beIN SPORTS, which has excelled by providing a diverse offering, with high efficiency and advanced technology.
With the increasing demand for sports channels recently, these channels have had to create new ways to reach those who want to participate. At CASHU, we recently provided a way to subscribe to beIN channels using CASHU Wallets.

Here is an easy tutorial that explains how to subscribe to beIN channels using your CASHU wallet:

  1. Log in to and click on “My beIN” link in the header.


  1. Click on the “Manage your Satellite Service” button under “Manage/Renew” section.


  1. Sign in to your beIN account by entering your username and password, and then click on “Submit“.


  1. After you are logged in to your beIN account, click on the “Upgrade Your Package” button under “Your Card Details“.


  1. Select your desired package and payment plan, and then click on “PROCEED“.


  1. Select to pay using CASHU, enter your billing information and then click on “PROCEED“.


  1. Now, log in to your CASHU account and click on “Pay“.


  1. The subscription value will be deducted from your CASHU wallet balance, and your beIN subscription will be renewed immediately… you can now enjoy watching beIN!

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