George Kordahi is back with Arab Millionaire Contest, which is a new and an interesting project that combines entertainment with the opportunity to support charities and help the community.

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You can test your skills in entertaining trivia questions and enjoy your time and win daily prizes.

The game includes Daily Quizzes that contain hundreds of trivia questions, and you have to answer 3 questions correctly to enter a draw to win many daily prizes.

There will be 3 help items that you can use; you can delete two answers, replace the question with another one or add 30 seconds to gain more time.


There is also Arab Millionaire Draw, where you can choose the charity you want to support by buying tickets to the weekly draw to win 1 million Euros weekly, for 1 Euro you will get which gives you 1 free entry to the weakly draw and 20 lives for the daily quiz.


You can also invite your friends to register in Arab Millionaire game, and by doing so you will get 5 extra lives for each person who registers through you. Also, you can win up to 100,000 Euros if any of your invited friends wins the Grand Prize.


Participate now and start for free in the Arab Millionaire Contest, and pay easily using CASHU!

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